It seems likely that the new John Perrin labeled here are the fresh kid regarding John Perrin, Jr

It seems likely that the new John Perrin labeled here are the fresh kid regarding John Perrin, Jr

from the an effective bounded Hickory and Ash reputation on the fifty perches Southern area Western off Town Creek and you may nearby the prevent of your south 7 level East two hundred and you may 14 perches collection of a System off home called the Resurvey towards the Crabtree folly.

, whoever presence for the twenty-first century Allegany Condition anywhere between 1790 and you will 1800 try chatted about previously. I will simply imagine the wrangling that went on between brothers John and Thomas about this assets.

Then in the Oct, 1790 John Perrin off Bedford State, Pennsylvania ordered 110 acres away from Crabtree Folly away from William Crabtree and you can his girlfriend Ann Arizona State, Maryland Action Guide G: 247-8, Oct thirteen, 1790 . The newest deed in order to John Perrin brings questionnaire information you to correspond which have the latest north 3rd regarding the 310 acre area. Also this new survey breakdown regarding Perrins Luck above suggests the partnership of that system with the northern third away from Crabtree Folly. Distinguishing the actual venue from the portion of Crabtree Folly are made simple since assets line breaking up they regarding remainder of the system continues to be observable toward satellite imaging.

Eventually, during the April, 1803 John Perrin off Bedford County deeded in order to Thomas Perrin the fresh 110 acre Crabtree Folly system, hence (easily have a look at words precisely) are ordered partly because of the bucks, and you will partially during the home loan Allegany County, Maryland Deed Guide C: 626, April 23, 1803 . The existence of the mortgage notes from Thomas Perrin in the index out of John Perrin Jr.’s estate was listed in the past.

Pine Orchard is actually surveyed to possess Thomas Perrin on the July seven, 1795, but patented far later MSA S1188-2115: Patent submitted GGB cuatro: 495; Patent Certification: 2053 (Allegany Condition), es K. Perrin . So it home lays to your eastern out-of Urban area Creek. Grain Mountain are surveyed having Thomas Perrin on the July six, 1795 MSA S1188-3030; Patent filed GGB cuatro: 508; Patent Certification: 2952 (Allegany State), es K. Perrin . So it area included the latest unpatented Ingenuity. It’s shown from the chart lower than to the an amount afterwards survey called Buck’s Lodge.

Progressive charts today pick the brand new north-end out-of Crabtree Folly since Pumpkin Cardio. Photos associated with the part is visible in 2 private record sections, the original out-of 2007 whenever i did not know very well what I became finding, and in ’09, when i had discovered what i now know.

Brand new tracts named Buck’s Hotel (126 miles) and a lot of Wood (20 acres) have been interviewed to own Thomas into the 1815 126 step 3/4 miles, interviewed getting Thomas Perrin, MSA S1188-392; Patent listing GG B 3: 510; Complex Certification: 367 (Allegany County), parece K. Perrin , and you will 1825 20 step 1/dos miles, surveyed to possess Thomas Perrin, MSA S1188-2152; Patent record GG B step three: 518; Patented Certification: 2090 (Allegany Condition), es K. Perrin , correspondingly. Buck’s Lodge was shown for the chart significantly more than; Loads of Wood are next west. Brand new surveyor noted you to for the second property the fresh new contours had been:

Because Scarce of Wood are interviewed to possess Moses Robinett into the 1790, the existing man were able to illustrate the latest surveyor anything otherwise several.

Tax Assessments

Thomas Perrin are listed in the latest taxation examination regarding Allegany State, Maryland into the 1798 using 1803 for three tracts: Crabtree Folly (110 acres), Pine Orchard (41 miles) and you may Wheat Slope (thirty two acres) Investigation on the Allegany Condition (Maryland) Genealogical People . The new 1803 research noted one Thomas had 5 horses and you may 12 black colored cows.


Early census data are ideal for a few grounds. Earliest, the census try recorded inside the a comparatively geographic styles, so it reveals Thomas’ residents this is why. But more critical in my opinion is the arrangement between your census data plus the private family forest to have Thomas that can arrive lower than.

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